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We have a 12,000+ team of translators and native speakers who are itching to work on your Mongolian project and deliver exceptional work.

The Mongolian language is native to Mongolia and China. There were roughly 5.7 million native speakers as of 2005, with that number expected to be around 6.1 million today. It’s the best-known member of the Mongolic language family with vowel harmony and a complex syllabic structure that makes it very difficult for Europeans to master.

Mongolian language translation and Mongolian language interpreting

At Network Languages we can fulfil your needs on virtually any project type. We only use native Mongolian speakers to work on translation and interpreting projects.

Here’s a rundown of the typical projects that we work on:

  • Mongolian advertising content
  • Mongolian Annual Reports
  • Mongolian Brochure Text/Copy
  • Mongolian Business Correspondence
  • Mongolian Information for Consumers
  • Mongolian Tenders and Pitches
  • Mongolian Theses
  • Mongolian User Manuals
  • Mongolian Website Content
  • Mongolian White Papers

Don’t worry if what you require is not listed above. The number of projects we work on would take too long to list, so get in touch with us today to discuss your project requirements.

Why Network Languages

With a 12,000+ team of translators and years’ worth of experience working on Mongolian language projects, we are the best-equipped company in the UK to work on your project and deliver work that’s on time, on budget and to the highest quality. And with a wide range of project types supported, we can no doubt fulfil your needs into the future too.

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