2013 Language Translation Services

2013 Language Translation Services

Language translation is not a science; it is not mathematical. Language translation is an art form which, for the best results, must be performed by an experienced, mother-tongue language translator. At Network Languages, this has been our business, and will continue to be our business as we move through 2013.

The number of industries that need language translation is virtually limitless; however, we thought it might be fun – and helpful to you – to take a look at a few of the industries we have served with professional language translation.

  • Oil and Gas Language Translation:  No matter if you need language translation to or from Russian, Chinese, French, Arabic, or any other, we have language translators who not only know the language and dialect you need, but who know the intricacies of the oil and gas industry.
  • Finance Language Translation:  Accurate, comprehensive language translation is an absolute must when it comes to financial matters. Not only is it imperative that monetary conversions be precise, but it is crucial that financial language translations be performed with the utmost expertise and care – to avoid costly mistakes.
  • Medical Language Translation:  Hiring a language translator who is a medical expert as well as a connoisseur of your target and source languages will help you to avoid medical malpractice litigation and to save lives.
  • Marketing Language Translation:  A marketing effort in The United States may not translate well in Germany, Japan, or France; in fact, it may confuse or offend in other countries. Using professional, human language translation ensures that your marketing message will be well-received in all languages and all cultures.
  • Literary Language Translation:  A language translator who is charged with translating literary works of art from one language to another needs more than vernacular know-how. He or she must possess the ability to both tell a story and to elicit the original author or poet’s intended emotions in another language.
  • Pharmaceutical Language Translation:  In the pharmaceutical industry, accuracy is essential to the health and safety of the public – that’s true when it’s all contained within the same language. Add language translation to the mix, and pharmaceutical expertise, native language fluency, and a meticulous work ethic become even more important.
  • Legal Language Translation:  Legal systems vary across different geographical regions, making it necessary for legal documents that cross language barriers to do it well. The implications of a bad language translation in the legal field can be detrimental to a case…and to the many lives affected by that case.
  • Software Language Translation:  The effectiveness of any software package is highly dependent upon ease of use, and that depends on the quality of the localized software language translation.

At Network Languages, we choose professionals from a pool of more than 12,000 language translators – all with industry-specific skills and mother-tongue language experience.

In 2013, more than ever, you deserve REAL language translation by experts in your industry. Call (+44) 1344 870700, Like our Facebook page, subscribe to our Twitter feed, or email your requirements to us today.

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