Understanding Translation | Tell us what you want

Understanding Translation | Tell us what you want

A few more useful tips for managing a successful translation project. Telling the translator what you want and need from their translation helps you get what you want first-time!

Let the translator know what you expect from them – in order to receive the best translation of your text, first time round and as quickly as possible, it’s always best to give the translator as much information as possible about what you expect. This will include the following:

What format the text will appear in. Is it a script for a video or text for printed literature?

Who is the translation for? The translation is not necessarily aimed at the same target audience as the original. Who the text is targeted at should be stipulated so that the translator can use the correct style and register.

What is the translation for? The purpose of the translation will determine how the text is written. If the translation is intended to help sell a product it will be written using a different style from a text telling a user how to operate the product.

How would you say it? If the company has specific terminology then it is a good idea to supply the translator with these terms before the translation goes ahead. There is no use in waiting until the translator has finished their work and then telling them that the company usually prefers things to be said in a different way!


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 When the translation is complete, expect and allow time for amendments to take place in the foreign language version in order to perfect it. Please remember the translator does not work for your company and may not know what you are looking for as well as you do. A translator may write a perfectly good text but it is normal for the client to want to make slight changes to the wording used. For example, the buyer may have a preference for certain synonyms such as “web page” instead of “web site”, and may request that such wording is changed to match their preference. These issues should be discussed with the translator who will be happy to tailor the text to the client’s requirements.

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