Translation Services

Translation Services

At Network Languages we’re often asked as experts in translation services how we find our translators; and more importantly, how we source the perfect translator, linguist, proof reader, localiser, and industry specialist for each job.

That’s easy: every project manager’s first responsibility is match-making, followed closely by some serious relationship maintenance.

Here’s how Network Languages do it:

  1. When you contact Network Languages, you’ll be connected with your very own, personal translation services project manager. He or she will listen intently as you explain your language translation needs.
  2. Our language translation company’s project manager will then search our database of more than 10,000 professional mother-tongue translators, taking into consideration any special field expertise that you require. Your source and target languages, desired local dialects, industry, and audience will all be accounted for in the search.
  3. Once the project manager finds the best translator candidates, he or she will conduct test translations, which will be evaluated with the help of an expert linguist. Only the best will be chosen for your project.
  4. Throughout the duration of the language translation project, our company’s native-speaking and linguistic specialist proof-readers will oversee the developing product at every stage.
  5. The final, translated web pages, software, or documents will be assessed and polished by a linguist who understands your industry and identifies with your audience.

As you can see, your translation project will be nurtured from inception to completion. Our language translation company will not only help you find a translator, we’ll find the perfect translator.

For more information about our professional translators or to enquire about our language translation services please call +44 (0)1344 870700 or get in touch with us by emailing Network Languages >

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