Allowing sufficient time for translation

Allowing sufficient time for translation

Allowing enough time for translation is critical for achieving the highest quality of translations

In many instances, a marketing team will spend a considerable period of time writing, rewriting and finalising a marketing text.  This text is then given to a translator who is expected to translate and make it market-ready in a relatively short period of time.

Timescales for the translation should be calculated realistically. Time should be allowed for sourcing the best translator for the project and for preparing the files for translation. In terms of turnaround times, one working day should generally be allowed for each 2000 words of translation.

Time should be allowed for proofreading. A translation is much more likely to be error-free and natural sounding if it is proofread upon completion.

Think about the format that the text comes in. Some file formats are more time-consuming to work with than others. A straight forward Word document may take less time to translate than an Excel file or PowerPoint slide and so it could cost a little more to work in these formats. A video or audio tape will take much longer to translate than a Word document, for example.

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