Marketing Campaigns Language Translation

Marketing Campaigns Language Translation

Think you might need marketing translation? Well, there’s one reliable way to decide. You need only ask yourself if your marketing campaign will be locally contained, or if you’ll be giving it wings and/or sails.

Simply put, is everyone you wish to reach going to understand your campaign? More precisely, will your dialect – your local vernacular – appeal to all of them? Have you considered how your overseas or cross-border divisions, partners, and affiliates will absorb your marketing campaign analyses?  Will they need a market research translation in order to fully absorb the breadth and depth of your campaign? If any of these scenarios raise questions or doubts, you will find yourself in need of a marketing translation service.

Any good marketing campaign can be crushed by bad language translation. Whether it’s an online marketing campaign, a print ad, or other outreach toward prospective clientele, a bad translation can result in an ill-received message, a muddy concept, or even an offended culture. That’s why a professional translation by a professional translator who is well-versed in the nuances of your target language’s audience is imperative for any cross-cultural or cross-language marketing campaign.

Network Languages use translators who are experienced in the areas of e-mail campaigns, brochures, websites, exhibition displays, software applications, packaging, searchable content, pay-per-click advertising, print ads, television commercials, social media, and much more. If you’re launching any type of marketing campaign in your native country, you can count on the fact that it will not be received in the same manner in another country (or even in another region); therefore, at the very least, an assessment of your campaign, in relationship to your intended audience, is always a good idea. Better safe than sorry! Just ask companies who contracted with an inept marketing translations company, chose to “wing it,” or opted to cut costs and make an international marketing campaign a do-it-themselves project.

Every language translation professional whom we assign is a native speaker of your marketing campaign’s target audience’s language. And what’s more, each one is knowledgeable in the areas of branding, online marketing, promotion, sales, advertising, publicity, market research, marketing campaign analysis…whatever your particular marketing project’s language translation requires. No translation service or assignment leaves Network Languages without being overseen by a project manager and edited by a professional, native-speaking translation editor. We can assure you that your marketing campaign will be as well-received in other regions as it is in your own.

Concerned about making an investment in language translation for your marketing campaign? We understand; but consider the alternatives: with bad language translation, you take the risk of losing the impact of a campaign that you’ve spent months, or years, creating; with good language translation, you avoid having to craft brand new marketing campaigns for each new region. We think that makes our professional marketing translation service a great investment – with high ROI.

For language translation advise about your international marketing campaign, or for a quote, call us on (+44) 1344 870700 or contact Network Languages.

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