Machine Language Translation

Machine Language Translation

At Network Languages, we’ve found that language translation is best left to humans.

Consider what happens when this verse of The Beatle’s Hey Jude is handed over to an online language translation tool:

SOURCE:  For well you know that it’s a fool,
                   Who plays it cool,
                   By making his world a little colder.

RESULT:   World,
                  I’m stupid is a bit cold and cool music.

That’s probably not the international message the Fab Four had in mind. What’s worse is that business owners, students, and international correspondents of all types actually use these online language translation tools (instead of professional translators like Network Languages) to communicate with global clients and prospects.

Machine text translators and online language translation tools are unable to take context, word placement, technical jargon, voice, tone, and the needs of the target audience into account when translating text. Professional human translators, like those used by Network Languages, are well-versed in the subject matter of your document as well as the source and target languages.

Language translation created by an online translation tool like Google Translate, Lingo24, translator, or are questionable, at best. If you choose to use one, you likely won’t be able to proofread the final product. If your clients and potential clients are humoured, offended, or disheartened by your translation attempt, you may lose revenue, credibility and referrals – which are exactly what you’re attempting to build with your language translation.

In summary, language translation is best performed by human, professional translators such as our team at Network Languages. Anything else could end up leaving you “in the cold.”

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